Isolation is a

Headlamp is a feedback tool for remote teams that fosters connection and support.

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Why Headlamp?

Despite remote work’s well-documented benefits, remote workers often face feelings of social, intellectual, and creative isolation.

”We need to acknowledge that isolation, anxiety, and depression are significant problems when working remotely, and we must figure out ways and systems to resolve these complex issues.”

Amir Salihefendic, CEO of Doist

”Remote work isn’t always as Instagram-worthy as it may seem. In fact, many remote workers struggle with unplugging from their work, loneliness and communicating.”

Buffer's 2019 State of Remote Work report

”Our research shows that remote workers are more likely to quit because of loneliness as well as low engagement.”

Reuters, "How to create connections at work in the age of isolation"

Loneliness sets in over time

Your remote team doesn't have to suffer the distracting shoulder-tap, the "Hey, you got a minute?", or the microwaved tuna fish wrecking the office.

But, you lose the serendipity, the moments of connection, and relationship-building.

Often, that leads to feelings of loneliness.

Keep your best people
by keeping them connected

You’ve probably heard, “People don't quit their job. They quit their boss.”

On a remote team, people quit their loneliness and isolation to find a team that knows how to do remote work right.

Headlamp helps leaders:

Create Trust Build rapport with your team by understanding their struggles and helping them find a way to make progress.
Stay Connected Understand who is feeling isolated or lonely and help them reconnect.
Build Community Recreate the catch-up vibe of the office kitchen and create a team people want to stay on.

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Reserve your spot to receive an invite to Headlamp!